THG develops content rich webinars featuring sought after subject matter experts in their respective fields. Our webinars cover a wide range of environmental topics and bring together individuals with varying backgrounds and perspectives to discuss topics in a thorough, fact-based manner. Our team also collaborates on the design and delivery of webinars for others to meet specific sector outreach desires.

Have an environmental topic you want to share with others? Can’t seem to attract the right audience? Technical troubles? Don’t have the time and resources to produce a high quality webinar? Let us help you. THG is uniquely positioned to work closely with your organization to provide comprehensive assistance with designing a cutting edge webinar and series, including –

  • Advise and develop initial webinar abstract, targeted focus, and key takeaways to ensure overall objectives are met;
  • Secure executive-level leadership and seasoned practitioners to share insights and latest data on topic(s) of interest;
  • Moderate and facilitate the discussion or work with a representative of your organization to serve in this capacity;
  • Market the webinar through our network of colleagues and partners, routinely drawing a targeted audience of 150-250 registrants; and,
  • Provide an edited webinar recording, slide deck, and registration breakdown following the event.