THG Releases On-Demand Webcast – Investing in Water: The Rational Beyond the Talking Points

The Horinko Group is pleased to present a unique webcast featuring Steve Hoffmann, Founder of WaterTech Capital and Acclaimed Author of Planet Water: Investing in the World’s Most Valuable Resource.

The webcast entitled, Investing in Water: The Rationale Beyond the Talking Points, reviews the current state of water investing and the fundamental investment drivers going forward.  Having designed water sector indexes utilized by the leading water ETFs, Mr. Hoffmann examines the widely–stated rationale for investing in water, the frameworks that have developed to accommodate water investment strategies, and the inherent disconnects that have emerged.  Mr. Hoffmann’s discussion of water market drivers goes beyond the traditional talking points associated with a ‘thematic’ investment and presents a renewed case for strategically investing in water.

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