A complete archive of the January 4 seminar entitled “EPA’s Study of the Potential Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing on Drinking Water Resources: An Update for Federal, State, Local, and Tribal Representatives” is now available. The seminar covers background information on the EPA hydraulic fracturing and drinking water study, updates from the recently published progress report, and outlines the next steps for stakeholder engagement and the continuation of the study.

To download and replay the seminar, visit bit.ly/EPAFRAC1413.

For more resources related to EPA’s study of hydraulic fracturing, visit bit.ly/CLUFRAC13.

(CQ Press) Mayors from various cities along the Mississippi River reflect on the shared challenges presented to communities prone to natural disasters including flooding, drought, and hurricanes.

Like the cities affected by Hurricane Sandy, these Mississippi River communities are asking questions about how to balance economic and job growth with safety and encountering the shared difficulty of answering them. As representatives of the cities and towns along the banks of the largest navigable river in the world, the authors point out that these questions can no longer be ignored, but must be embraced in a collaborative manner.

To read the full article, visit bit.ly/MRMsandy.