THG Advisors is a community-building consulting firm operating at the intersection of policy, science, and communications. Founded in 2008, our firm has established itself as an innovator and trusted, third-party convener. We have a proven track record of addressing complex natural resource challenges, while meeting the needs of the broader community. We have expertise in the revitalization of urban and rural communities. We specialize in regulatory intervention, the water-energy-land use nexus, and strategic communications in problem-solving.

THG and its team of advisors advocate for efficiency, sustainability, and holistic solutions based on cutting-edge science and sound business practice. We work alongside federal, state, and local governments, NGOs, and the private sector to achieve measurable results for our clients, partners, and the communities and markets in which they operate.

There are unique opportunities given the fiscal and regulatory uncertainty of these times. We assist all stakeholders in thinking strategically about these opportunities and capitalizing on the business advantages of sustainability.

Our Toolkit

THG provides a full-service toolkit of the highest quality, cutting-edge approaches to create the platform for your organization’s voice to be heard.

Our Team

Working hand-in-hand with our extended team of advisors, THG is well equipped and uniquely positioned to serve our clients and partners.